What is the difference between Counselling and Psychotherapy?

In the UK, there is currently no legally recognised distinction between these terms. Counselling and Psychotherapy are umbrella terms that cover a range of Talking Therapies. A usual rule of thumb is that Counselling is short-term treatment that focuses on a specifc area of your life that’s causing difficulties. Psychotherapy usually refers to a deeper exploration of who you are, and what matters to you. Psychotherapists usually have completed Post-Graduate Training. I offer both Counselling and Psychotherapy and can tailor our approach to what works for you.

Counselling offers chance for someone to speak freely about their anxiety
Counselling and Psychotherapy: space to speak freely

What training and qualifications do you have as a Therapist?

Prior to setting up Free to Be Counselling in Preston, I taught within High Schools for almost 2 decades. I’ve also had experience working within the Care and Charity sectors in a range of roles.

I began training as a Counsellor in 2012. I’ve since completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy. I have gained considerable experience counselling clients within a range of different Voluntary Services and in Preston and surrounding areas. I work part-time as a Mental Health Advisor and Counsellor at a local University, and as a Bereavement Counsellor. I produce bespoke training and content writing on Mental Health and Wellbeing topics.

I’ve completed a wide range of further training, including:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Working with Domestic Abuse Victims/Survivors
  • Working with Survivors of Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Victims/Survivors
  • Suicide and Self-Harm training
  • Expressive Arts Therapy
  • Gender Variance and Gender and Sexual Diversity Therapy
  • Online and Telephone Counselling
  • Polyvagal Regulation

Importantly, like you – I am a fellow human being. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and human relationships along the way and perhaps it is this, rather than my employment history or qualifications that helps me as a Therapist. I’m curious about you and about learning together what matters to you and what you want from your unique life.

Man considers accessing counselling in Preston
I have extensive training that can help you towards embracing greater freedom

What type of counselling do you offer?

I’m a qualified and experienced Integrative Psychotherapist. I’m trained in a wide range of therapeutic methods with a strong Person Centered and Humanistic approach and integrate them into my work. The relationship between us is what holds the different strategies together, so that the approach we take is something we both feel is a good fit for you. Sometimes that might include creative tasks, activities and experiments.

In practice, this means I offer a warm, non-judgemental and compassionate space and relationship that supports you to explore your feelings and your places of pain. You’ll be free to speak about whatever it is that is causing you difficulty. I’ll be working hard to create a space free from judgement where you can explore and make sense of things.

Woman accessing online counselling
Online, telephone and face-to-face options to make therapy accessible

Where does Therapy take place?

I currently offer both face-to-face and online Counselling. Face-to-face Counselling takes place at a dedicated, comfortable counselling centre situated in a semi-rural setting to the West of Preston, close to the Guild Wheel.

counselling room for counselling in Preston
Comfortable and serene counselling room within the dedicated counselling centre

You may prefer to access online Counselling. This has a number of advantages: you can access Therapy from the comfort of your own home and do not need to travel. This also means I can offer Counselling and Psychotherapy to people based anywhere in the UK. There are some important considerations when accessing online Counselling, including ensuring you have a private and comfortable space for the duration of the session. We can speak more about this as part of an initial free 20-minute telephone consultation.

Male sitting with head in arms, struggling with anxiety and depression
Life can feel overwhelming

Can I trust you as a Counsellor?

Working with a Therapist can feel daunting and it is natural to have questions about whether the Counsellor can offer an ethical service where you feel safe to be able to open up and speak about places of hurt and pain.

I take my ethical responsibility to you as a client very seriously. In our first session, we’ll speak about the level of confidentiality I will offer you, as well as the steps I take to ensure safe and ethical practice. As a member of the BACP, I follow guidelines and frameworks relating to trustworthy practice, including “Our Commitment to Clients“. I abide by the Free to Be Privacy Policy to protect your Personal Data in line with GDPR regulations and am registered with the Information Commissioners Office.

I’m fully insured and hold a current and up-to-date enhanced DBS certificate. I am Level 3 Safeguarding trained.

“It isn’t freedom from. It’s freedom to.”

Jean Paul Sartre
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