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Understanding Grief

Grief and loss are, sadly, an inevitable part of life for each of us. Many people seek counselling for bereavement. This first blog in a series of 5 detailed articles exploring grief considers why it can feel so difficult speaking about our loss, and explores common reactions to grief.

Why do I Procrastinate?

Are you someone who puts off till tomorrow what could be done today? Most of us procrastinate. In this blog, we look at why people procrastinate and consider the impacts of procrastination, as well as tips to reduce your tendency to procrastinate.

Work-Related Stress and Anxiety

This blog looks at the ways work can impact our sense of wellbeing, and how work-related stress and anxiety can steal our serenity. We will also consider some practical self-help strategies that can support your psychological health if you feel impacted by work-related stress and anxiety. 

“True freedom starts with absolute honesty. The moment you call a problem by its real name, you’re already learning how to make it less harmful”.

Martha Beck